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About us..

Hi Folks:
This web site is designed for those of you wanting to go into the Bulk Vending business as well as those of you who own and operate and work in locations such as stores, offices, buildings that already have machines and where you want to own your own and keep 100% of the profits.

I started in this business at 18 when I entered college at New York University
One day I noticed an ad in the back of the newspaper that intrigued me.
All it said was "earn while you sleep."
That was enough for me not being very motivated at that time.
I purchased one gumball machine with a stand and put it in a neighbors Hobby Shop called Arthur's Hobby Shop. That one machine had small gumballs in it
and it was a penny machine.  3 hours after I placed the machine
I went back to see how much I earned and there was $2.00 in pennies in the machine.
I couldn't believe it. I went back so many times that day to check the money in the machine that Arthur threatened to throw me out of his place because I was making a nuisance of myself.

From those humble beginnings I started a vending machine business and through many trials and tribulations 20 years later had over 10,000 machines with many employees.
Several years ago I sold my business to another young man like myself who had
all the enthusiasm and energy one could want and I decided I would offer through the Internet the opportunity to own and build your very own
bulk candy vending business.

I want to make this as easy for you as possible so all our offers for these vending machines come with enough Free product to make back your investment plus a sizable profit. That's what I want to bring to you.

You can lose all your money in only 2 ways.
1) Let the machines sit in your garage.
2) Not relocate machines that are not producing enough.
Sounds simple, and on some level it is.
However, this business is a business whether it be a part time or full time one you have to treat it as a business.
It can bring tremendous financial rewards and more importantly an abundance of peace, pleasure and satisfaction as it has done for me.

Take a look at our programs. Start small and gradually build at your own pace.
There are no minimum investments, no high pressure salesmen will call you.
You decide and will make all the decisions.



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